best summer ever!


back to stockholm
back to tokyo
back to bergen again

many "back to" trip in this summer
maybe it is nice to have lots of place to be back
or maybe it is too many place to miss.
and too many people to miss.

i am listening to au revoir simone
so good!

good bye lidingö!

i took picture without knowing how to use camera
but i kind of like this picture
it is okey

this house we have lived in stockholm
but no one will live since october.

i really like this house still!
i miss it.


we took a boat trip about a month ago!
it was fun but we couldnt sleep so well on the way
so we felt so tired when we were in helsinki!
but it is all good memory.

finish language sounds so cute
almost like japanese.

it was dance floor on the boat
and i had never seen such a hot dance floor!
we didnt dance, but music was awsome.
lots of old hits which everyone likes!

i realized that i didnt take so much pictures
i didnt, because all my friends did so much

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