real norway

people eat these crazily in summer here!

thank you norway!

i dont know why
but suddenly i feel like
i should thank norway!

letting me stay here and study something nice.
takk takk takk!

i fished a fish!


me and my crazy japanese friend went fishing yesterday!
super crazy!
i got actually a fish!!!!!
så happy but i could almost get one more...

and more crazy thing happend!
we got two fishes from guys fishing next to us.
for big dinner.

but more crazy thing happend.
because my friend who was trying to clean these fishes
just dropped one into the sea...

so crazy...
but still good dinner!

my hobby fishing from now on!

they were here

it was little bit hard to say, see you...
feel like that i am alone here again.
you cannot replace new people to your old friends position.
i really felt so.

i am still not sure if i like here.
i really need to be with people who i can trust.

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