good news

this week i got some good news
monstly about my friends!
i am happy of them really

one good new to me is that i will join the exhibition in Slovakia in summer!
so cool eh!?
i hope i can go there to see my work haning on the wall
i really want it

i have just started to be a textile artist?


today i am happy.

one of my friends wrote to me an email.
i got really happy by this email.

we met in uppsala when i was studying sociology
when i was unsure about my life
when i was not happy about what i was doing

but today she said really nice thing
that i am doing what i love.

yes i love textile
and i love my friend

even though we havent met so long time
friendship can last long.
that was about my project.
and i proved that it is true!

and she know exactlly how i feel
this is reall!

i am so happy
to have her as a friend
and also to study textile

new project


i am working on my new project
not really new but...
we will have exhibition about three weeks
oh no... it is not so long time left

this weekend i helped a girl who makes raing coat
with printing on fabric
this was my first job with textil!
except for saling things

i am happy to have such a jobb!

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