snow snow snow

tonigth we hade party at my house,
it was cosy.
we went out to the arty party
but people there are too old for us
so we came home hehe

happy birthday kiyoshi
you are best!
du är supert!
i am so glad to have you as a bitch friend!

it is snowing alot in bergen
i have a funny story about snowing mountain from yesterday
but i will write soon

good natti natii natti!

i was in stockholm

and had so much fun!

i ate lots of nice food
and i was at the consert
and i druck beers with my friends
and i was at the flea market

it is always nice to visit stockholm

catch me

sex and the city

guess what
i started to watch sex and the city!
i thought i am not gonna do it
because i really did not care what people say about it
but now i have seen some
today and yesterday i watched dvd
when i ate dinner

yesterday i asked my friend what is happening in the end of movie
even though i do not know about whole story at all
however just after i heard about the ending
i regret why i asked very much!
because i have just started to watch
and now i already know how this whole story is going to be


everyday weaving

will show you more later!

wait! t!

dear my friends!

here i am! so busy!
but fun to work hard with textile print

i will sale my tshirts
on christmas market here in bergen
love to print.

when you are busy,
time is just flying away so quick!
i feel like, wait! t!

good bye

last day for this course
i couldnt be there though

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