i am in Kautokeino up north of norway.
Soooo north!

I was making stage desgin for the Sami music festival for a week.
Yesterday was the last day of the festival.
And now I am free and ready to party!
We have just been driving snow mobile out on the frozen river!
I just love it!!!!!! driving crazy!

Here is the picture of Sami Grand Prix!


hei hei!

hallo in norwegian.

i almost forgot that i actually have a blog.
such a waiste of blog!

but i dont have internet home anymore.
no time to blogg, and no inspiration lately.
it is little bit sad... so to gather all inspiration, i start to blog again maybe.

i just didnt have water in our apartment for a month!
we dont have tv... we dont have internet niether.
no floor in kitchen.

but at least we got water back and dvd box!

life can be a little bit better i think.

city girl

i am in my home town in tokyo!
great to be back home.

relaxing with my family and my good friends here
at the same time, looking for new inspiration

it is christmas!
we had the best party yesterday.
God Jul!


now i am with study trip!
in middle of fjord!
beautiful nature!

for two weeks
and it has already been almost one week here

i was there


Bergens local newspaper

i am with


student newspaper in bergen!

vernissage this friday

please come if you are in bergen this and next week!
her is more info!



busi busi busiiiiy

i am so busy!
for my exhibition next week!

oh oh oh!

i just want to go for fishing after this busy days!


i have started to listen to them!

i just like! so good!
some nostalgic and young feeling!
even though it is in norwegian.

best summer ever!


back to stockholm
back to tokyo
back to bergen again

many "back to" trip in this summer
maybe it is nice to have lots of place to be back
or maybe it is too many place to miss.
and too many people to miss.

i am listening to au revoir simone
so good!

good bye lidingö!

i took picture without knowing how to use camera
but i kind of like this picture
it is okey

this house we have lived in stockholm
but no one will live since october.

i really like this house still!
i miss it.


we took a boat trip about a month ago!
it was fun but we couldnt sleep so well on the way
so we felt so tired when we were in helsinki!
but it is all good memory.

finish language sounds so cute
almost like japanese.

it was dance floor on the boat
and i had never seen such a hot dance floor!
we didnt dance, but music was awsome.
lots of old hits which everyone likes!

i realized that i didnt take so much pictures
i didnt, because all my friends did so much

real norway

people eat these crazily in summer here!

thank you norway!

i dont know why
but suddenly i feel like
i should thank norway!

letting me stay here and study something nice.
takk takk takk!

i fished a fish!


me and my crazy japanese friend went fishing yesterday!
super crazy!
i got actually a fish!!!!!
så happy but i could almost get one more...

and more crazy thing happend!
we got two fishes from guys fishing next to us.
for big dinner.

but more crazy thing happend.
because my friend who was trying to clean these fishes
just dropped one into the sea...

so crazy...
but still good dinner!

my hobby fishing from now on!

they were here

it was little bit hard to say, see you...
feel like that i am alone here again.
you cannot replace new people to your old friends position.
i really felt so.

i am still not sure if i like here.
i really need to be with people who i can trust.

good news

this week i got some good news
monstly about my friends!
i am happy of them really

one good new to me is that i will join the exhibition in Slovakia in summer!
so cool eh!?
i hope i can go there to see my work haning on the wall
i really want it

i have just started to be a textile artist?

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