good news

this week i got some good news
monstly about my friends!
i am happy of them really

one good new to me is that i will join the exhibition in Slovakia in summer!
so cool eh!?
i hope i can go there to see my work haning on the wall
i really want it

i have just started to be a textile artist?

Postat av: liv

oh you are so good!! when is slovakia?

2009-05-22 @ 22:15:50
Postat av: lisen

Its so nice when friends doing good and feel well! Happy to read that you're doing well too, feeling happy about your work (its really nice!!) and the exhibition! So so cool!

It was great to visit "Handarbetets vänner", didnt know it was a school before. Very nice place and many nice things to see. I do also love textile in many ways..patterns and clothes + embrodery would be great to learn more, sew more, but I'm quite terrible at it and have not so much patience...too bad, but fun to see other peoples work!

Keep up with the good news! :D

2009-05-23 @ 11:37:10
Postat av: aoi

hej liv! tack så mycket att du kom till bergen. jag har varit så glad. det var tufft att säga hejdå. men vi ses snart!

hej lisen! thank you so much for really nice comments! i am really glad of what you wrote to me! i mean it!

it is always fun with textile, i never got bored of it, because it has so much possibility! it is also nice to hear that you like textile too! textile is so cosy material and you feel home...

yes, it is hard for me to keep my patience sometimes too... but then, i break all the rules and sew just in my crazy way...! hehe

2009-06-06 @ 00:58:47

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