textile and her friends

i will start with norwegian!

lovely friends!

i have just moved into the new place in the city yesterday!
it is just nice to live in the city
just nice to live nere school and my friends

and my norwegian flatmates are so nice!
so i have just decided to start learning norwegian
LANGUEGE, i mean!

i can hear and understand norwegian quite better now
because i can speak swedish

it is really strange thing
but norwegian is really good at understanding swedish
but not in opposit way, swedish people are not...

so i speak swedish to people here
and they understand so they answer me in norwegian
but then i am totally in lost!
not so badly now...
so i will study norwegian! not tonight!
but maybe tomorrow!

because i love it

i dont give a shit!

i have had hard days
i feel så wired

but now it is almost over!
because i learnd how to be honest
and that what i want to do is really important to me

i dont give a shit!

happy thursday!

i love thursday!
because people speak so loud in spanish just outside of my house
really late in the night
every thursday
when i really have to sleep
because i have class everyday from nine

it is just really happy thing to live in the such a big student house!
and i am moving from this crappy place to the nice room in the city!

watch out the world!

old me will get what i want!

i am just tired and dont want to do something.
so i go to the city and get beer maybe

have a good evening!


lovely friends!

today i really dont have anything to say here!
but it doesnt mean that it was boring day, please!

 i found out that it is not only me who likes to check carefully
in the 10 kronor box at the supermarket
but my friends also love it
and we bought something we dont really need at the lunch time

i bought the stringer which you can clean between the teeth
dont know in english
the picture is not on this thing anyway.

there are not so usefull things in the 10 kronor box
if you didnt know

sushi sushi sushi

I am from sushi country!

my class and my great awsome teacher
had a sushi dinner tonight!

it was so good
as i almost felt like it was home in japan!
kiyoshi showd us how to make cold springroll too!

i just want to eat sushi tomorrow again
thats sick!

tips on music

hei lovely my friends!

i am an art student
but i dont listen to techno!
very sorry!

but i love chromeo
and i found good music lately!

exhibition, yeah!

lovely my friends!

we, first class at specilised art deparatment, had the exhibition yesterday!
yeah! feels really good.
i, myself, have done quite good job!
and i am happy to see that people in my department are really good in art!
i am proud!

i like having exhibition, showing what i do to people is sometimes good.
but i didnt invite people yesterday...
i didnt know if i could invite...! too bad!


dear my lovely friends!

i always wonder if my friends want to see what i do and what i see
because i would like to see what they do and what they see
so i made this blogg!

today i made some nice things with lots of colors!

Välkommen till min nya blogg!

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